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September 1st, 2006

Prize for the highest customer value

Bystronic received the 2006 "Global Excellence in Customer Value Leadership Award". This much valued and coveted business price is one of a family of awards which is presented annually by the renowned and globally active business consultants Frost & Sullivan to the company with the best business practice.

The renowned and globally active business consultants Frost & Sullivan presented Bystronic with the 2006 Global Excellence in Customer Value Leadership Award in the laser cutting tools industry for consistently delivering superior value across local and global markets at mid July’s 2006 Global Excellence Awards ceremony.

Frost & Sullivan recognized “Bystronic’s ability to install machines accurately at the customers’ workplace in a timely manner and its excellent after-sales service that helps it win repeat orders, and its wide product portfolio of laser cutting machines that helps it serve customers’ diverse needs.”

They also acknowledged “Bystronic’s excellent customer-centric approach” which “enables it to outstrip the market”, and highlighted measures that improve process reliability, as well as the performance of systems. This helps it offer customers the best solutions to solve manufacturing challenges and, thereby, enhance its competitiveness in the market.

Frost & Sullivan research analyst, Virein Kumar Yadlapalli, stated, “The variations that exist in a global market space signify an opportunity for Bystronic, since it understands the critical process requirements of its customers and has the ability to cater to their local needs as well. Bystronic has extended the customer proximities in these market regions by setting up sales and service organizations in the local market place.”

Bystronic has always linked its growth with that of its customers. It has continuously attempted to educate customers by conducting road shows and organizing series of localized seminars. Due to the company’s global presence, customers have easy access to its support and services.

Bystronic’s policy of stocking spare parts in local markets enhances the flexibility of its customers’ processes, as they have real-time access to components.

By combining best practices with quality and regulatory compliance, Bystronic’s laser-enabled cutting machines have assisted its customers in minimizing risks, increasing throughput, lowering production costs, and reducing time-to-market.
Frost & Sullivan Award

On behalf of Bystronic worldwide, Michael Zakrzewski (right) accepts Frost & Sullivan’s 2006 Global Excellence in Customer Value Leadership Award.

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